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December 20, 2013
Missing You - Happy Birthday!
Today is Chase's 24th birthday. He was supposed to be born on Christmas but we decided not to share with Jesus's day. I have been especially tearful all day but after my long walk on the beach today, I found a penny. As I picked it up, I looked to the sky and told Chase a big thank you reminding me he is up there. I would give anything for more time together....Chase is fishing today in heaven and probably playing some poker and there are women surrounding him singing Happy Birthday. To my Chasey, May you have peace and light! xoxo I love you, Mama Bear

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September 05, 2013
Chase's 3 years 8 months anniversary of his passing
Today, for the very first time in my life, I visited the Vatican including Saint Peter's Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel. It was simply amazing following a profound dream from Chase last my dream, I came to a massive s... Full Blog

May 30, 2013
RIP Jozie (5/28/2013)

To my beloved Jozie girl: Chase and Corey wanted you, I fought the idea, we rescued you at one year which was Chase's birthday and then we discovered you were born the same day. That is when you rescued us. I came to love you... Full Blog


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For: Chase

Re: Rememberence

There has been a special place created for you and your dear friend Jarrod who OD 3 days after you passed....In Laguna Niguel, there is a path off Rancho Niguel leading toward La Paz....This is the very path you walked to go fishing at the Laguna Niguel Regional Lake. Off the beaten path, is a tribute to you....I visit it daily and pray that your soul is at rest and God gives you light and peace...You keep telling me how unbelievable it is in heaven and I believe you....xoxo

For: chase

Re: Inspiration

Chase... I didn't know you too well, but I keep the card from your funeral with your picture of you holding that nice bass posted up behind my desk. When ever I feel weak or that my life is tough, I remember you and your struggle, and the positive attitude that you kept throughout. I only hope to affect people positively like you, and I am a stronger better person because of you and what you shared with me the few times we did talk. Thanks for being a huge inspiration for me in my life!

For: chase

Re: Thinking of You

Dear Chase, Not a day goes by that I don't see your freckled face in your picture in our kitchen. Hoping that you are happy - I spent some time with some friends out in Dana the other day and we were lucky to see a whale breech right in front of us. I immediately thought of you and how you would have loved it. We think of you fondly always. Listen for us Chase - we are still out here talking to you. Love Beth and the Skakuns

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"A Place To Chase Your Dreams"

by Matt Rainey

Between earth and sky
Between sea and sand
Lies a place to chase your dreams
Where nothing is impossible
However hard it seems

A million stars shine on the water
A thousand miles across the sea
Ever westward always searching
A young man with a dream

Can you see that far horizon?
Can you tell us what you know
Chase you left us far too early
Left us here to miss you so

But the courage of the fisherman
Will take him far away from here
And the unknown shore will beckon
Once you cast away your fears
And a gentle voice will call us
Once we cast away our fears

Chase's - A to Z

A. Listen with compassion.
B. Go out of your way for a true friend.
C. It's never too late to give back.
D. Keep your sense of humor.
E. Cal! people out if you feel they need to hear your thoughts.
F. Forget about a 'bad hair day’ it really doesn't matter especially in heaven.
G. It's okay to have fear, just don't let the fear have you.
H. It's about balance: pool, cards, ping pong etc.
I. Women are a good thing.
J. If you're going to be crazy, do it with passion and without remorse.
K. Don't wait until the end to be appreciative.
M. Enjoy women.
N. Have gratitude for unbelievable opportunities.
0. Be wise in your choices and learn from your mistakes.
P. Pay the consequences.
Q. Candy is good.
R. Laughter allows you to live longer.
S. Encourage people to grow.
T. Parents were probably right on a lot more than ever given credit.
U. There's nothing wrong with good loving.
V. Try to be on time.
W. Give back and forgive misunderstandings.
X. At the end, get your ducks in order.
Y. The people who have done you right, know who they are.
Z. If you have done wrong, you are forgiven.

Hands down the most fun this year...

Kim --
Chase was up there laughing...That was just so much fun. Great crowd and Chase would have loved all the 'little cheating' going on at all the tables -- the looks, the passing of chips here and there -- hilarious! Corey sat down on my stool and stole the show - it was priceless! One of the funniest things was when Blake Holden went to get a beer from the keg and was trying to balance his cup of chips while trying to pour the beer and ended up dumping his chips over the side of the rail -- onto the driveway (!!) and then he ran down to get them - got totally soaked -- all the while his table was screaming "Blake c'mon"! I thought I was going to pee my pants laughing so hard. He came back up the stairs -- "I think I lost some chips down there!!" soo funny! Jerry had such a blast dealing the cards ... thanks for letting him.. it was just what he needed to get into the spirit - kids and fun.

It was a perfect fisherman's night - foggy and rainy. Chase was definitely with us. I hope you know how dearly we love you and keep Chase in our hearts every day. I have his freckled-face picture in my kitchen smiling at me every day. Thanks so much for a great time -- hope that you have a blessed, merry Christmas. Love Beth

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A special page for those to share their stories and/or photos of spreading Chase's ashes. More to follow.

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